Power of Practice



Power of Practice

In learning process practice is a key parameter. In the following essay it is explained why people can learn better by practice

With practice, you can learn better and boost your efficiency. People can learn new things and know them theoretically. However, if you want to understand something perfectly or be good at it, you must practice as much as possible. For example, although I had learned fast typing with ten finger-method, I could not write fast enough. Practice consistently made me a master of this skill that it is easy for me to write correctly and rapidly. Thus, it is crystal clear that doing something more and more can help everyone understand and apply their skills better.

Teaching also is an important aspect. That is why many professionals recommend it for the young to teach if they want to learn better. It is necessary for the most skills, though not enough. Skill-teachers exercise a lot to master a subject that they are going to teach afterward. If the teachers do not exercise adequately, they cannot convey the message, even though they did what they are teaching.

When I was in the university, one of the professors told us: "if you want to learn something, you must DO it" He said that a person could learn driving by doing it, not just by listening to others and seeing them driving. It is one belief that maybe everybody knows already, but thinking more at this shows the importance of practice. Therefore, to learn something, reading, studying, and thinking about them is necessary but not enough. It is crucial to practice to learn a skill perfectly.

Learning a new language also requires practice. Your teachers may tell you that practice after classes or do the homework because they know the power of practicing. So a language learner learns better and faster if he would practice.